Doest claim o’er my heart clear in perfection,
Able not I am, to persuade alternate selection.
In orbit entranced by such glow and such warmth,
Breathing deeply barely to maintain stoic staunch.
Committed to beauty in all it’s glory,
Along you came and crafted a new story.

O’er Night
As the darkness ends, the sun awaits
The morning stirs, your body awakes
Know that all night long has been a dream
As real as all can ever be seen
Holding you close. Your hand, your hair.
Knowing all and having no care.
Your soul was awake and together we play.
All night long as lovers we lay.
Love, endless.

An Opening
Into the wind you go my dear.
Far away, forever near.
The mind it reels – it cries – it shrieks.
The heart – connected all – it speaks.
Patience. Grace. Courage.

In the style of the moon you caught me.
Shining, smiling, divine, woman.
Your silvery rays of light and love traced a direct path to my heart.
And as a key with a lock, opened I became.
Immersed in your beauty.
Immersed in your prowess.
Rested in your bosom.
Powerless and yet powerful.
Outside of myself, and together with all that it.
I lay there.
Ignominious defeat awaiting should I close my heart to your light.
Glory for eternity should I open further and step off into the unknown.
Risking all. Fearing nothing.
Banishment of fear I say. Banishment of fear now!
To stand ion your presence. Reaching. Embracing all that is offered.
I will stand. Immersed in Love.
For you personify magnificence.
Looking back upon the reflection, I see that thee light that shines from you is the light from the sun, of the sun, the the light from my own heart.
We are one, we are the light. We are love.

The Smile of a Tree
In her naked skeleton the tree waits for her frosty blanket to envelop her.
So inside and hidden she can prepare her new spring dress to delight us all.
She smiles knowing soon the will be at work dreaming about her new frock. She smiles.

Storm Gifts
The lightning comes to the earth.
To awaken her, prodding her with jubilant strokes of light and life.
She responds. She rumbles. She accepts the gifts.
The rains pour down into her skin and she drinks it.
Drinks it all.
Melding with it.
Taking it into her.
Filling her she takes it and creates new life, returning the gifts.

The Vessel
I am many things. My body. My mind. My vessel. My ships. My sails. With which I move upon this earth. In this life. This life I love.

I Dream of Owls
A narrative.

The dream started with me walking down a street. Or rather I entered consciousness of the dream at this point. I felt as though I had been dreaming for a while before this point.

It seemed like a street in semi suburban, semi industrial Australia. There are many places like this street in Australia. Not rough, or broken down. Just untidy and unkempt. Functional. Industrial. The road was a rough tarmac, using the thick stony gravel that is used in areas like this. (I have fallen on it many times in my bike riding times. I know exactly what it feels like. It has a smell).

The grass on the side of the road was tall guinea grass. Green grey. A few months from being last cut. It is taller than me. It moves slightly with the light random puffs of wind that I can feel around me.

The road comes to a left turn and there is a 6 foot chain wire fence and a corrugated wall of some building, a shed running along side the road, about 2 meters from the gutter. Both fence and shed wall are half covered by the grass. There is a big gum tree that commands the corner. It towers up into the sky and it’s lower branches spread over the shed, the fence, the grass and part of the road. And me as I approach it.

But all of this is not important.

The focus is on the walking. And talking to someone. A woman. Petit and beautiful. Long hair. I can not see her face. But it feels like a good conversation. We know each other very well. We are interested in what each other says, and feels and does. We are close. We walk slowly. Comfortably. Close but not touching. She wears dark jeans and a black flowing shirt or loose fitting jacket. Or is she wearing a long black flowing dress. I cannot tell.

Then is is dark, and we enter the corner. The tree, the fence, the grass. There is only a slight noise as the grass moves. It seems to get quieter with the fall of darkness.

I have a torch and I look up into the tree with it.

There are many red eyes looking back from the branches of this tree. They look back at us both. I am not scared. Neither is she. There is no fear. We are just curious. Just wonderment. Like “wow! look at that”.

Boobook Owl

Boobook Owl

We go closer and some of them fly away. Or they just move away. Or they close, going off like lights. They are birds of different types. Small ones. The details are not clear.

Then I see an owl. I show her. It as red eyes too. It is very clear. It is a barking owl or a boobook owl or a powerful owl. I looked in Google and found several Australian owl that look similar to what I saw.

And another one. Maybe a third. Maybe more. They are just waking up. Sitting on the branches.

Powerful Owl

Powerful Owl

They are not doing anything. No noise. Just looking at us in the torch light I am shining on them. Slowly blinking.

The there is this noise coming towards us, coming around us. Very loud. From everywhere, all at once.

I look up and it is light in the sky. Like it is twilight. I see clouds, I see blue. But grey. I see many many gum leaves. Their silhouettes. They are falling, but falling sideways, randomly, blown by a wind that has not reached the ground. Way overhead, high up.

Are they making the noise? I wonder?

No. I realise rain! And it comes down, heavy! Sudden. Right then, there is our car, and the rain. Instantly we are soaked.

Barking Owl

Barking Owl

And at the same time, I see that a baby owl, though almost full adult size, has fallen from the branches above and is trying to fly back up.

It hops up and flaps it’s wings and then falls to the ground again. In the shorter grass on the side of the road. I should help it. But the rain!. I tell my friend to get into the car. And I go around to the drivers side and get in. The steering wheel is on the right hand side, like in Australia. It is a Suzuki Vitara 4WD. Those versatile go anyway types. Silver.

Then, in the car, we both sit for a few seconds. We are both dripping wet. I still can’t see her face, but I like being with her. Comfortable.

The owl.

I remember the owl, and I reverse the car because I want to use the headlights to see it. I will work out what to do when I see it. I think will I run over it because it was close to the road. I must be careful, but I don’t think I will be near it. It will be ok. I move the car. The rain is too heavy to see outside.

As I begin to move the car I wake up.

Shocked awake. Brought back to earth. I feel motivated. I write. I do many things.

2 December 2013


An Ode to Unity

1 Janurary 2015

New Earth

Today, tomorrow or the next, we will collectively look with our hearts, our minds will be idle. Connecting our third eye through to infinite intelligence, tethering our mind to the guidance of the earth bound resonance we all share from our bodies made from mud, made of this Earth.

This would then become the discussion and preoccupation of the mind: how to improve this connection, this growth, our expansion. This would be the passage for humanity, our quest, our “salvation”.

Then what a vision and a vista will be before us. Then, instant balance would ensue, at all levels, all relationships between all humans, all areas.Jeremiah Josey




Ha! The stronger the mind, the more challenging the quest.

Only when the mind lowers it’s ever vigilant guard, and allows the heart’s soft utterances through to be felt and amplified by this wondrous body we each possess.

Then through all, and as one. Instant balance. Instant full potential expansive life for all species on this but a tiny speck of space dust. A speck of diamond, but a spec no less.

Our minds are brilliant tools. Connect that brilliance to the brilliance of our bodies and soar!

It is all within reach.Smily Earth All inside each of us.

Tether the mind. Release our potential.

Have a happy, happy 2015!

Earth Hands