Teachers Along the Way

The saying goes you meet people when you need to meet them, and “When the Student is ready the Teacher will arrive”.  Books are part of this:  they’re teachers having a one sided conversation with you.

There are many books that I have read.  I observe that they always arrive exactly when I need them, and often, in a partciular sequence, enabling me to understand the next upcoming tome. It’s an exciting process.

However, your list is your list because it reflects your own path in life.  What I have written here is simply my path.

There are five books which have had the biggest impact to my life: 

A Soul’s Journey – Peter Richelieu, 1953

The Path – Bill Cozzolino

Living Deliberately – Harry Palmer

The Science of Getting Rich – Wallace D Wattles

Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success – Napoleon Hill

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

More good reading

  • Any work by Harry Palmer is highly recommended
  • Books from Deepak Chopra are very good
  • Robert Kiyosaki is very good for financial education
  • Think and Grow Rich and his Outwitting the Devil (above), by Napoleon Hill are the classics. The first is a semi-biographic wealth survey. Read before and after you’ve read the others above.  You need to get the unedited original manuscript however as recent versions have edited out the most important part – the vibration and the feeling of creation!
  • Ricardo Semler and his works on corporate democracy in Brazil, Maverick and Seven Day Weekend
  • Of course Eckhart Tolle
  • And not forgetting anything, anything by Abraham-Hicks or Bashar
  • For a real buzz, read the Nobel Qur’an that contains good understanding of the stuff above, but you have to read it in Arabic, not any English versions. They miss the point. It came from the same sources. The truth is always the truth
  • A concise summary FOR EVERYTHING can be found at the Spirit Science Youtube channel. Watch the Spirit Science Series 1 thru 20, and onwards. Thanks guys!  Spirit Science Series.

If it all gets to hard, do this: Avatar

That’s about it! My path in life.  😀